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Hello Mama!

Well done for being here! I know how hard it is to find time, energy and motivation to do something for yourself. But remember, being fit and healthy  will benefit you and your family too. 

9 months of pregnancy most likely left your body feeling a bit foreign, disconnected, weak and like 'it's not yours'. Coupled with the physicality of labour and intensive new-born stage it can be a real struggle to see the beauty of your body. And let me tell you, you should be proud what it accomplished. But now it is time to take care of it. 



Your body goes through a lot during labour. And what it needs is rest in order to heal and recover. So give it time. Get to know your baby. Have those snuggles on the sofa (believe me, they grow out of it quite quickly). Adjust to a new family life and rhythm. I promise you: you will be ready to ‘be yourself again’. And once you are ready to start, I can really help you carve the time, find motivation and gradually progress your body to the pre-pregnancy stage, or even stronger.



I can work with you to create a return to fitness programme, that gradually and safely will build your strength and stamina up. Depending when you join me, we will focus on the foundations first- make sure your core is functional and stable, build your pelvic floor muscle strength. Adding layers, upon layers we will reintroduce you to whole body strength. I always listen to your feedback and depending how you feel we either take it slow or can sail through some of the next steps. I build the programmes based on what equipment you have available, how much time you can and are willing to commit and how motivated you are.


This is probably one of the most popular topics. How to lose mummy tummy and baby fat? Good news: it’s very possible. Even when you are breastfeeding. However, it’s not a magic and quick fix. I can help you lose fat gradually, so you milk supply is not impacted (if you chose to breastfeed), but it will not be done overnight. Slow and steady wins the race here. We will work on focusing on nutrition-dense foods, building heathy habits over time and increasing physical activity.

I can design fitness plan for you that will increase your strength and build muscle, which will burn calories even at rest!

Below my own transformation after my first baby. 13kg (2 stones) down. 80% of effort was nutrition, 20% exercises. After that, I managed to maintain that weight for 2 years till baby number two arrived.

Collage 2020-07-03 06_34_10.jpg


My 1-on-1 service comes in 6 weeks blocks. This is a minimum time to create new habits and see an impact. The programme will be built completely around you but you can expect:


·       45min consultation and individual assessment for goal setting

·       Personalised fitness 6 weeks programme, gym or home based, taking into account your ability, labour and health- we will adapt the programme on a bi-weekly basis based on your feedback

·       Six weekly 1-on-1 training sessions with me at your chosen location, e.g. your home. I can provide equipment too. I can as well work on zoom

·       Access to educational videos,  tips  and advice about safe fitness, nutrition, rehab and recovery

·       Food dairy analysis- to establish heathy calorie intake and individual macros.

·       Free resistance band 

Safe for breastfeeding mamas



·       Core and pelvic floor rehab and strengthening- to minimise any postpartum (like urinary incontinence, diastasis recti or abdominal separation, organ prolapse)

·       Whole body strength for maximum functionality, with focus on back, arms that will be challenged in the early months postpartum

- Creating calories deficit for safe fat loss, by combining training sessions with a diet. If you are breastfeeding, I recommend to wait till 3 months postpartum. 

·       Balanced nutrition- I will help you find smart ways to eat healthy. It's hard in those early weeks, I know. But together we can learn how to make time and make healthy nutrition easier 

·       Creating healthy habits, finding ways to manage the time around family and work, in order to prioritise workouts and healthy eating

If you are interested to know more, have specific needs or want to find out availability, feel free to contact me. I am happy to meet up and discuss your needs and get to know each other. I believe trainer-client partnership is based on trust, respect and needs to be pleasurable, so let's see if we click.

At the moment you can choose from 1-on-1 personal training (with face to face sessions around Petersfield) or join my signature 8 week transformation programme RESHAPE (online coaching)

  • 1-on-1 Postnatal PT

    Return to fitness after baby
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Personalised 6 weeks fitness plan (gym or home based)
    • 1-on-1 weekly workouts at your home (or zoom)
    • 45min consultation to gather your goals, needs
    • FREE resistance band
    • Nutrition advice and food diary analysis
    • Weekly catch-up call for support and tailoring
    • Programme build around your goals

    8 week transformation and coaching program for busy muns
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • 8 weeks personalised fitness and nutrition plan
    • Homebased workouts delivered on-demand via app
    • 1h consultation and assessment via video conferencing
    • My support, motivation and infomation throughout
    • Nutrition Secrets Course - learning skills for life
    • Habit coaching
    • Weekly virtual workout
    • Results you want: fat loss in a sustainable way