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1-on-1 Prenatal
Personal Training

Fully tailored around your needs and goals. So you can have a safe, fit and fun pregnancy and achieve what you set out to do

You may ask yourself: "Why would I need a personal trainer during pregnancy? Should I not sit and relax, while waiting for baby to arrive?"

Well, no! Fitness in pregnancy is encouraged and 150 minutes of moderate activity per week is recommended by NHS and wider prenatal research. Personal trainer (aka me) can help you achieve that goal, by creating a gradual, pregnancy safe programme. Whether you are gym goer, crossfitter, runner, aerobic lover- I can turn your fitness routine into pregnancy safe activity, tailored exactly to your capability, equipment available, time constraints and what you like doing.

Are you new to fitness but really want to start for the sake of being healthier? No problem. I can gently introduce you to fitness in this special time.

My 1-on-1 service comes in 6 weeks blocks. This is a minimum time to create new habits and see an impact. The programme will be built completely around you but you can expect:

  • 45min consultation and individual assessment for goal setting

  • Personalised fitness programme, gym or home based, taking into account your ability, pregnancy stage and health- we will adapt the programme as your pregnancy progresses

  • Access to Fit4Birth Online programme with more workouts to do at home, accessed via an app. Video demonstrations and modifications available

  • six weekly 1-on-1 training sessions with me at your chosen location, e.g. your home. I can provide equipment too

  • Access to educational videos,  tips  and advice about safe fitness, nutrition, body chance in pregnancy

  • Food dairy analysis- to establish heathy calorie intake and individual macros

  • Free resistance band 






My 1-on-1 sessions will focus on:

  • maintaining your muscle strength and stamina- to prepare for the most physical event of your life: LABOUR. I will show you safe resistance and lifting weight techniques, that you can still do in pregnancy and postpartum

  • your pelvic floor and core. Both of them go through tremendous changes during pregnancy. Correctly performed specific exercises you will not find in mainstream fitness will help avoiding postpartum issues (like urinary incontinence, diastasis recti or abdominal separation, organ prolapse)

  • creating healthy habits, finding ways to manage the time around family and work, in order to prioritise workouts and healthy eating

Interested in just a prenatal class?