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If you are currently pregnant and want to start or maintain your fitness level, focusing on whole body strength and tone, you are in the right place. The Fit4Birth on-demand programme is more than just ‘breathing’ exercises and kegels.


Strength and tone in pregnancy

Designed and tested by myself during my second pregnancy, enabled me to feel more energetic till the end of 40th week, keep my healthy weight gain and have a natural, quick and beautiful labour (probably a bit of luck there, but I want to think that my fitness, stamina and strength helped me there).

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About Fit4Birth

To keep you powerful till the end of your pregnancy

  • it has been designed to be safe and adaptable for every trimester (loads of options and modifications)

  • consists of 15-30min long strength and tone workouts, including specific core and pelvic floor sections

  • you choose from whole body, upper and lower body workouts, depending how much time and energy you have on the day. You are in charge of pace and intensity- you know your body best

  • for full benefit you will need dumbbells and/or resistance band (long, Pilates, medium)

  • easy access via an app- with video demonstrations and descriptions of the workouts. 

  • access to a private group so you can meet like-minded future mums and share your successes

  • one-off fee to cover your whole pregnancy

  • Fit4Birth- online

    Strength and tone programme via app
    • Access on the Fit app for duration of the whole pregnancy
    • On-demand and at your own pace
    • Modifications of intensity for any pregnancy stage
    • Exclusive group for community and support use
    • Strength and tone workouts with dumbbells
    • Pelvic floor and core focus

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the workouts on-demand or live?

Currently fit4Birth is an app based, on-demand programme, allowing you to choose from whole body, upper or lower body strength workouts.

In the future, I am looking to add live, virtual workouts that you can do with other ladies.

2. I have never worked out, can I still do it?

Absolutely. There are 3 intensity levels presented as a guidance, gentle, moderate and energetic. If you never workout out, I recommend to start with Gentle level, which uses less repetitions, less rounds and less equipment.

3. What equipment do I need? Can I do it at home?

This programme has been designed to be performed at home. To take full benefit of it, you will need light dumbbells and a long resistance band. Dumbbells are needed to do push type of exercises, band is ideal for pull exercises, both worth our muscle endurance and provide safe resistance. You can buy both of them quite cost effectively from Amazon. This is equipment worth investing and keeping for life.

4. How long will I have access for?

The programme is available for 9 months- duration of a whole pregnancy. Even if you join in trimester 1, you still get 9 months access.

5. I am in trimester 3. Is it too late to join?

It is never too late to join. The workouts provide video demonstration options for many moves, so you can select which intensity you want to/are able to workout at. E.g. squat and shoulder press can be simplified to seated shoulder press, which could be more appropriate in trimester 3. However, I didn’t want to prescribe a trimester specific workouts- these tend to be simplified and do not take into account that we are all different fitness levels and pregnancy experience. Some ladies in trimester 3 can do more than others in trimester 1.

If you join in trimester 3 I do recommend starting with gentle intensity and take if from there.

6. Can I get a refund?

At this stage, the small fee for the 9 months access is payable in full and upfront and not-refundable. It is less of a cost than a single personal training session. I hope you can see the value for money and that the programme itself us enjoyable and bring the benefits to you.

7. Is the payment one off or recurring membership fee?

This is one-off small payment. No extra costs or hidden fees. You pay once and enjoy the programme and access to the group for 9 months.