Prenatal Fitness

Let's be Fit 4 two

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You soon will be a mum! And not just a normal mum. You will be fit, healthy, energetic and a happy mum- all largely because of the decision you are making now. Stay fit, healthy and safe during pregnancy. You are in the right place. 


Because we are all different.
Find a programme that suits you best 


Fit4Birth Online

On-demand, strength and tone  prenatal workouts, fit for every trimester. Accessed via an app


Small Group PT

Combining online Fit4Birth programme with in person classes in a small group. Most cost effective personal training. available only in petersfield area


1-on-1 Training

Personalised to your goals, needs, level. 1-on-1 attention and weekly workout at your home. access to Fit4Birth online. Available in Petersfield area only

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