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Passionate about helping mums at every stage of their motherhood journey.

Apart of being a mum of 4 year old Lena a newborn Bella, I have a long-standing passion for fitness. I am a qualified instructor to music, gym instructor, Level 3 personal trainer and nutrition advisor, with pre and postnatal specialisation. During my first pregnancy I realised that I had to travel beyond what I wanted to take part in new mum specific exercise class. So this time round I decided to do something about it. So I became a pre and post natal PT and plan to work with local mums, to make their journey to fitness and health easier.

I want to motivate and support future and new mums, so they can take all the benefits that fitness and wellbeing can bring. This is not an easy ride, with loads of ups and downs, but through honesty and trust, I want to help ladies  to be fit, healthy, happy for themselves and their babies.


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