Let's be
Fit 4 Two

As a pre and postnatal personal trainer I am commited to help future and new mum navigate fitness journey throughout motherhood

Are you not sure if and how you can exercise during pregnancy or after birth?

You don't have to be any more



Doors to my signature Mum's Body and Life TRANSFORMATION programme open on the 5th of September 

Stop guessing

Are you franticly googling what you can and shouldn't do during pregnancy and early days post-partum? Getting conflicting views? Take the guesswork out of the equation. I can provide you with up-to-date NHS approved information about exercising, safe techniques, modifications that are 'good' just for you.

Health benefits

Your and your baby(s) health is the paramount to me. Exercise is proven to have many benefits for your pre and post natal health, such as: minimising back pains, energising you, improved sleep, preventing mood swings, strengthening core and pelvic floor to minimise abs separation and incontinence and helping bounce back to pre pregnancy weight. 

Social support
and motivation

Exercising in small groups with other mums helps motivation and sticking to the plan. A personal trainer can guide you, provide support, tips and make sure you achieve your goals.

Don't waste time

You rather spend the time with you baby or family, rather than be researching guidance, advice and new workouts. I do the hard work for you and create a programme that you can follow at home with or without equipments

How I can help you

If you are having a tooth ache, you would go to a dentist. So why would you be guessing and 'trying' different approaches when it comes to pregnancy and postpartum? As a pre and post natal specialist I can provide you with a professional advice, support throughout and most importantly I will take your very specific needs (fitness level, experience, activity level, pregnancy stage, baby delivery, body imbalances) and turn them into a  programme, that will help you achieve the results you want. Are you on board?


Professional Care

For your and your baby safety

Achieve your goals

Because we are all different

As a specialist in pre and post-natal fitness, I currently offer a personalised and exclusive fitness programmes for Petersfield area, or via videoconferencing UK wide and an on-demand prenatal Fit4Birth strength and tone programme. Whatever your goals are (prepare for birth, loosing the mummy tummy, dealing with abs separation, getting back to fitness etc) I will make sure your individual programme gets you there.


Emily, 33

Kasia is very knowledgeable, passionate and committed to help. The sessions were a highlight of my pregnancy. I had a beautiful birth and felt strong and empowered, ready to welcome my baby girl.

Karen, 36

I have completed the Fit4Birth online programme throughout 2nd and 3rd trimester. I felt great. At the end, I took the modification and decreased intensity, but stayed strong till 38th week. I feel like I have not put too much weight thank s to regular workouts. Kasia provided a lot of support through messages and posts on the group

Nicola, 29

I worked with Kasia in the last trimester, as I didn't know how to continue safe fitness. She showed me variety of options and motivated me to stay active. I stayed toned and so many people commented on how great I look when pregnant. I as well  done 6 weeks with her in early postpartum for core  and pelvic floor recovery. 

My Classes

woman with a ball- post partum.jpg

Prenatal Class


Functional fitness in pregnancy. To keep you mobile, strong and better prepared for physicality of labour and early days postpartum


Mums&Babies Circuits Class

Fun, energetic outdoor class to regain strength and stamina post baby. Come with your baby!