Fitness Tips & Advice

Education is key to making informed and conscious decisions. Have a browse through a few articles about most typical issues and questions surrounding pre and post natal body and fitness.

Do's and don't when exercising in pregnancy

Were you ever told by your ‘helpful’ aunt/grandma/mother-in-law (insert what appropriate) to stop moving during pregnancy and basically lay in bed with your feet up?  Have you ever frantically googled what exercises are good for you and your growing baby? 

Have a look at some top-level guidelines, that may help you on your journey.

Putting on Goggles

Everything you need to know about DR (abs separation)

During the pregnancy our whole body undergo a lot of changes, abdominal muscles being one of the major victims. Under the influence of the relaxin hormone our ‘abs’ go through tremendous amount of stretching, in all directions. Find out more about most common problems, such as abs separation.

Strength training in pregnancy- Yes or No? 

I am sure you heard many times: 'Don't lift your shopping bag', 'Is it not too heavy for you?' when you were pregnant. The old-fashioned way and a safe blank answer is: don't lift weights during pregnancy.


However, it is not necessarily true that you need to give up on your routine, if you like to incorporate weight training. With minor adaptation to your programme you can continue your strength routine during pregnancy.


Secrets of Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Some women will simply assume that the “baby fat” is a natural consequence of having babies. Yet, it is entirely possible to lose weight during the postpartum period. Let’s be clear- losing weight post pregnancy should be considered in the realms of being healthy, feeling more energetic and avoiding any diseases to do with obesity, and not just for aesthetic reasons and the pressure woman nowadays gain from the society.

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